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Tod Seelie’s series on swimming cities of Serenissima. Since 2006 street artist Swoon has organized a series of art boat flotillas on waterways around the world. Part art project, part utopian experiment, a street artist by the name of Swoon, as well as a band of artists, DIYers, and other free-spirits, has built a collection of ramshackle yet visually striking rafts to float down rivers and canals with a loosely defined purpose.

I want to ride one!

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ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

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Bob’s Burgers x Hannibal

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People People created the “Transparent Speaker”, a new and visionary product. This speaker is the exemplification of the team’s vision on what a speaker should look like and it answers people’s need for a functional sound system that can smoothly integrate with other elements in their living spaces. Initially meant to be a showcase to drive attention and create awareness about sustainability, the transparent speaker has triggered strong global interest and purchase requests. 

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The ‘Kunsthaus Graz

By Sir Peter Cook and Colin Fournier is located right in the his­toric center of Graz, on the west bank of the River Mur. This ‘friendly alien’ has rapidly become a bridge between the historic and the modern, and plays an important role to the city of Graz as a center for the arts. . The amorphous form of the blue bubble blends in the heritage-protected part of the building 1,288 semitransparent acrylic glass panels have been used to create the bubble. While the glazed outer skin takes an important mediating role, it also generates power through integrated photovoltaic unitst.

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Julien Vallee

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