Day 63

The city has been having a huge fog covering it everyday this month, and I can’t really complain. I took a bike ride to the north side and captured what I could of the misty mystery that covered the lake.

Theres something about fog that is exciting- the danger of not being able to see what is ahead. It looks like the world in front of you is being erased. Somehow you end up feeling like you’re on an island; the end wall of the world, the last bastion of humanity to be swallowed up. Its truly an amazing feeling.



Day 42

The later half of today was a journey. One that can be told in a simple story. Behind Perrine’s house is a nice secluded beach area, and naturally I wanted to check it out and document the experience. 

There are stairs that are incredibly long and unsafe looking that head down to the beach. They are hand built by the property owners there, and they feel like it when you walk down them. I took that picture at the halfway point while trying to maintain my footing.

When you finally make it down those stairs though you arrive at a perfectly serene beach with calm waters that gently brush against the rocky sands.

Being natives, Perrine and her brother led me down the beach through thickets and branches to an area further down, revealing this massive mountain cliff.

Perrine and her brother start climbing the mountain immediately. I’m a bit skeptical at first, but I know that an opportunity for a shot like this only comes once in a while. So I start climbing. with camera.

While it looks like a mountain, it’s comprised almost entirely of compacted dirt, so when you try to climb it chunks of it will crumble or smoosh beneath you. Which is fun when you are carrying expensive equipment and one fall could mean a broken bone.

Despite this, we go all in, climbing around the back through soft soil, roots, and vines, strategically reaching the top in about 20 minutes.

There you see a bird’s eye view of the brilliance of the beach: the endless Lake Erie stretched out before you, the forestation that rims the beach’s edges, the grassy patches of land that spot the dirt mountain’s cliff; it’s all pretty breathtaking. Even more so when you’ve actually worked to get to this spot. Pictures can’t do it justice. I sat and soaked it in for a while, snapping pics and reflecting with Perrine and her brother.

On the beach, Perrine’s mother found a piece of beach glass: a piece of glass or that was weathered down over the years by the shifting tides. It became very smooth and curved, with an indent that fit your thumb perfectly. It very soothing to feel and to hold. Almost like the feeling of being at the beach itself. 

With all that said and done. It was time to call it a day. Today was a good day.

Day 41

Today is a beautiful day in the Pennsylvania countryside. I’m on vacation in one of the more remote areas of the state, enjoying some peace and silence; a break from all the city noise. Here, things are simple and quiet. There is nothing to give, and nothing to take. You are as you came. I can simply exist here. It grants you the kind of peace and clarity that living in a city can never truly bestow. I plan to soak up as much of this as I can in my next week here.




Tod Seelie’s series on swimming cities of Serenissima. Since 2006 street artist Swoon has organized a series of art boat flotillas on waterways around the world. Part art project, part utopian experiment, a street artist by the name of Swoon, as well as a band of artists, DIYers, and other free-spirits, has built a collection of ramshackle yet visually striking rafts to float down rivers and canals with a loosely defined purpose.

I want to ride one!